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Sleep Tracks – A Detailed Review by an Ex insomniac

Reviewed by Marianne AustenSleep Tracks

sleep tracks reviewSleep Aid: Sleep Tracks

If you’re wondering whether the Sleep Tracks program by Yan Muckle really works, you’ve come to the right place as I have tested it thoroughly and here is my Sleeptracks review.

I’ve been an insomniac since I was a child, I was always the last one to fall asleep at slumber parties, and as an adult, even on a good night it usually took me at least 45 minutes to fall asleep.

I really thought that it just wasn’t possible for me to fall asleep quickly, and that I would always suffer from this and light and patchy sleeping.

So imagine my amazement now, after doing the sleep tracks program when I now often fall asleep in just 5 minutes.


How does Sleep Tracks work?

A key feature sleeptracks program is helping you to get rid of the fear of not sleeping, which lets face it is often what we insomniacs suffer with, you lie awake thinking about when you have to get up, and getting more stressed out.

But unlike other relaxation programs and sleep advice there is a powerful secret weapon, which I will describe in more detail further down.


Are you making any of the 7 mistakes insomniacs make?

Find out by doing the Sleep Tracks 2 minute sleep quiz!


What exactly is included in the sleep tracks program?


  • 3 core tracks with speaking and isochronic tones, to help you sleep
    (plus 2 bonus tracks if you get the premium package)

–  Insomnia Buster – generally improves your attitude towards sleep
–  Fall Asleep – great if you have trouble getting to sleep (like how I used to be)
–  Whole Night – for those that have trouble staying asleep

  • Unadvertised Bonus Wake up Track (brilliant for when you need a quick energy boost)
  • Interesting course Videos from Yan
  • Useful written material from Yan
  • Helpdesk where you can speak to Yan and read questions from others doing sleep tracks

I bought the Premium package meaning I get the Power Nap and Anxiety Ease, which in my view was well worth the little bit extra (particularly the Power Nap track which I still use often), but if you want to save money and get the basic package, it does have everything you need.


Videos and Written Material with Sleep Tracks

There’s lots of information on sleep hygiene, meaning adopting good habits which help you sleep, and getting rid of unhelpful ones.

Previously I’d always avoided implementing good sleep hygiene as it seemed too much of an effort and not how I wanted to live my life, but yan makes it seem pretty easy and it just makes so much sense, and there’s lots of encouraging words from him.

There’s also lots of tips on how to get the most benefit from the course.


Who designed this sleep aid?

The creator of the sleep tracks program is Yan Muckle, who used to be an insomniac himself (for 20 years) before he designed and used the course, so he does understand what you are going through which is comforting and reassuring, and I did feel that he really knows what he is talking about.

It’s easy to get in touch with Yan which is nice and he really listens and welcomes feedback and takes on board any suggestions to improve sleep track.


Tracks and bonus tracks

The sleep tracks audio program consists of 3 main mp3s (or 6 including the wake up bonus and premium tracks if you get the full package) with relaxing speaking that gets you to visualize things that actually reprogram your attitude towards your sleeping.

Th whole night track doesn’t have any words as it is designed to be left on when you sleep, but there is two versions, one which has relaxing beach sounds to help you stay asleep.

But on top of that is the secret weapon which is a powerful aid to curing your insomnia – the software uses a new technology within the soft music called isochronic tones which alter your brainwaves – don’t worry if that sounds a little intense, it’s not, because what it helps you to do is no different to what happens when you relax or fall asleep naturally.

While normal sleepers brains automatically make the switch to the sleeping delta state shortly after they go to bed, as an insomniac, you struggle to get your brainwaves from the active alpha state, to the delta state.

The isochronic tones in the music of sleep tracks assist with this problem, gently helping you to alter your brainwaves, with the relaxing, reassuring and strategically designed script read by a lady with a soft voice which helps to calm you and reprogram your brain in another way.

However if after a while you don’t want to hear the speaking anymore, (and after you’ve been listening to the mp3s for long enough you don’t really need to) there are also tracks with just the music and the tones, which is an appreciated extra.

I love the power nap track and the wake up track, great for getting energy back quickly, and convenient as you can even listen on the train or in the park on lunch!


So what are isochronic tones?

Isochronic tones are similar to binaural beats, which is another totally safe method of altering brainwave frequencies.

However, unlike binaural beats which require you listen to both earphones to get the correct effect, the isochronic tones in sleep tracks have the frequencies coded in stereo, meaning you can use one earphone or even computer speakers if you wish which is safer and more convenient.

Another lady on the course told me she is using a speaker in a pillow set that she got from amazon so as not to disturb her partner.


How long does Sleep Tracks take to work?

I found it handy that you can download the content straight away so no need to wait to start getting rid of your insomnia.

The nice thing about the course is that I saw significant improvement in my insomnia within weeks of starting listening, and some people saw results even sooner.

As you listen to it over time the program gets more and more effective, so for most people its recommended to continue listening for at least a few months, perhaps because your brain gets used to jumping quickly into the delta state when it hears the tracks, and this eventually gets programmed into your brain.

But unlike some relaxation tracks and binaural beats that I’ve used in the past, I’ve now got to the stage where I don’t need to listen to sleep tracks most of the time, and when I do have the odd restless night I put on a track and still get to sleep quite easily.

I also still use the bonus track power nap and wake up tracks, which are great for if you are feeling tired but only have a short time to relax or sleep. I don’t always fall asleep when I listen to the power nap track but I do always feel more refreshed after.


Sleep Tracks Review – summary

I’ve tried so many different pills, remedies and techniques for improving my sleep and while some helped to a certain degree, others actually hindered me, but none of them made me feel I was actually in control of my sleeping, or that I could class myself as anything other than an insomniac.

Sleep tracks on the other hand has done more than any other method to cure my insomnia and is totally natural and safe with no unwanted side effects, which is a big plus point for me and it’s a lot cheaper than relying on pills too.

If you are looking improve your sleeping with a natural sleep aid that actually works,
then give sleep tracks a try, its by far the best one I’ve found.

Marianne x

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